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ON OUR WAY - Preschool Program

Our program for three year old is designed to guide the children towards independence in all of their daily activities: such as taking o) their own jackets, trying to hang up their things, washing their hands and using the bathroom without assistance. By the time they leave this class, they should have mastered these self-help skills. The teachers understand that all the children will be at a di)erent point in each skill, and will work with each child for as long as necessary. Socially, by the end of the school year, the 3 years old are expected to share and take turns with minimal assistance.

Just like our other programs, all the content areas are taught. The children learn their numbers, le7ers, colors, shapes and how to write their names. Homework is assigned daily. Science experiments are done weekly and basic math is introduced. Fine motor skills are practiced through cuttng, coloring, tracing and arts and crafts activities. Gross motor skills are sharpened during group exercise time and gym time.

At the end of the school year, the students should be able to sit through a mini-lesson, complete the activity for the day with minimal assistance, and be prepared to enter pre-kindergarten.

I CAN DO IT - Toddler Program

For most of our two year old, HoneyPot is their first preschool experience. Our first step is to make sure the children feel safe and secure in their environment. We o)er individualized separate on plans according to the child’s and parent’s needs. Once the child has become acclimated to the classroom environment, the fun can begin! We help each child learn to become independent in the bathroom, and during meal time. We encourage social play and teach the children how to join their peers for lessons and activities.
Our academic program for this group includes all the content areas: Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. They are taught through books, and hands on activities. All lessons are carefully planned to be developmentally appropriate, and most importantly fun! Arts and crafts, drawing and painting are encouraged on a daily basis. Music and movement activities are incorporated throughout the day to keep all the children motivated and active!

Moving On Up - Pre-Kindergarten Program

HoneyPot offers two kinds of pre-kindergarten programs. We are proud to be a site that offers the NYC Universal Kindergarten program. We also offer extended day hours to help prepare the pre-kindergartners for kindergarten. Extended day includes a reading program, math, and handwriting. The program is designed to help your child get ahead and have an advantage when they are ready to enter kindergarten.

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