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HoneyPotDaycare Center

14022 Beech Ave Flushing NY 11355


HoneyPot Daycare Center, Inc. was opened in 2001 to serve the needs of our growing community. HoneyPot was created with certain goals in mind. HoneyPot believes that a combination of Eastern and Western philosophies of education will highly benefit all children and produce the most well rounded students.

To achieve our goals, we start by making sure that every child is and feels safe, comfortable and happy in their environment. If a child's needs are not met or they are not happy to be a part of our HoneyPot community, learning will not take place. The child must be well cared for, respected and guided into positive learning experiences.

Once the child's needs are met and they have developed a positive self-image, we use a combination of instructional methods and cooperative learning to build the foundation of your child's education. Their education begins with patience. Patience is a skill that is taught and continuously worked on. It is a crucial element in becoming a lifelong learner.

The teachers also work on community building. Teaching children how to share, take turns and care for one another. We want our children to be aware of their surroundings and to express themselves freely. During lessons, children are taught to concentrate and to not disturb the class without raising their hands first and waiting to be called on. They are taught persistence and encouraged not to give up. However, care is taken to ensure that the child is not pushed past their frustration point. To ensure this, developmentally appropriate activities and lessons are tailored to each age group and can then be modified to accommodate each child as an individual learner.

Ultimately, we want to produce students that are happy, healthy, academically prepared, patient, emotionally and socially confident and ready for kindergarten!